Monday, May 11, 2009


My poppies are blooming!
One patch is blooming ahead of the other.
A little army of pods ready to burst.
The petals look like crinkled tissue paper.
So delicate, they only last a few days.
They color is just stunning. 
I had to share them with you.


Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni said...

You have to paint the sprouths!!!

Holly said...

Thanks, Ojni! Indeed, the sprouts are amazing and alien-like. Very furry too!

Lynn Lunger said...

Oh gosh! I love Papavers. They always remind me of my grandparent's garden. I like your variety! They have a delicate growth lovely. Beautiful photos!

The Fab Miss B said...

I just love poppies- the hairy little buds are so irresistable- and then they turn into such a delicate papery flower. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love the red of the poppy, its tender paperlike pedals, the needle fuzz of the bud. Stunning images!

Anonymous said...

...but the most beautiful is the color combination: the vermillion red, the purple mixed with some magenta, the powdery purple dusty grey combined with that very vivid green and light grey green.

absolutely splendid!

Holly said...

Lynn, Miss B, Suana, Thank you for all your kind messages. I am so glad I took the pictures. They colors were spectacular. Such a fleeting moment. Alas, the rain has taken them away.