Monday, May 25, 2009

Seedlings and Sprouts

Two new watercolor paintings in my series of jars.
Jar of Seedlings. Little Sprouts. A garden in a jar.
I love the stratum of dirt, rocks, and moss.

It reminds me of the book,
The Map That Changed the World by Simon Winchester, 
which tells the story of the birth of modern geology.
Click here to see more of my jars and cloches.
Are you a collector of curiosities and wonders?
What would you collect in a jar?


Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni said...

Golly! You have come to my mind today! I have a cactus, and it has a very nice flower!!! But I don't have a camera. :((

I adore your bottles. :))
Those are full of wonder.

holly aka golly said...

Ojni, I love cactus! I hope you will borrow a camera and snap a picture of it!

Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni said...

I'm ready.

Coralie colorie said...

I love yours jars' gardens ! So poetic !

Floddertje said...

I really appreciate your work! Have a nice day.

Kagan said...

We have been lucky enough to find a few old jars while out in ghost towns. We keep our treasures inside: old marbles, buttons, beads, etc. that we find on our adventures. I love the garden in a makes me want to go right now and make one. What a perfect way to capture a little piece of summer!