Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sneak Peek

I was invited to submit a picture of my studio to istudio,  
a project started by Etsy jewelry designers, Mod3rnArt.
This is just a sneak peek of my photograph. 
The behind the scenes pictures are so intriguing!

I have a tiny, tragically small, workspace in our cottage.
The truth is, I rarely work in one place.  
I sprawl onto every available surface. 
Including the dining room table.
This fairly neat girl makes a really big mess!
I often think of the painter, Alice Neel,
who worked in her tiny New York apartment.
She always cleaned up for company.

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holly aka golly said...

In case you are wondering...

The turkey baster is a great way to distribute water onto the palette.

I have used the same Pikes Palette for more than twenty years. It is well seasoned with age.

My favorite brush is the rigger. Long and thin, it makes a very fine line. I have several.