Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Bambú

When I arrived in New York on Sunday I only had about an hour or so 
to dash over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see 
Mike and Doug Starn's Big Bambú installation on the rooftop terrace.
 It was exquisite. I didn't get to climb it, but I took lots of pictures. 
I hope you will take a peek at my Flickr collection
It's a spectacular structure and the backdrop of Central Park 
and the Manhattan skyline is splendid.
The lucky winner of my giveaway has been 
announced and is posted here!


annamaria potamiti said...

I have watched a documentary about it. It's quite amazing isn't it?
Thank you for the pictures-you lucky girl!X

holly aka golly said...

So amazing, Annamaria, and I think It was the closing day too. It was getting a little windy up there.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing ! it must have taken much time to tie all those bambus together. A beautiful natural sculpture.

holly aka golly said...

It was like a giant, free form nest and you know how I love nests!

Unknown said...

i love the starn twin's work. this project is a wonder. i've watched the documentary as well. i love seeing the footage of the climbing team who assembled it.

they are amazing photographers-- i went to the museum school with them way back--so i love to follow their progress.

leave it to you to post something very enticing!

holly aka golly said...

That is so cool Kathi, I love their photography too, so captivating.

helicopter6 said...

It does look as though it would be incredible to see in person. Must keep an eye out for the doco.

holly aka golly said...

Helen, take a peek: Big Bambú, you can't you won't, you don't stop...

it's amazing to see the wave of bamboo in its fledgling state, coming to life, changing, growing.

helicopter6 said...

Thanks so much for the link. Love how they have brought rock climbers in to collaborate in building the work, that fantastic injection of colour from the rope throughout and the walkway. Great project. my partner was just over there, shame I didn't know about it earlier.