Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starting Over

Starting over with a new puppy is both exhausting and rewarding.
Birdie is doing well and quickly learning to sit and lie down.
Today I feel a tiny bit back to normal.
We are starting to develop a little routine,
which means I can finally get some work done!
So, there are new feathers in my shop today!


Shelia Day said...

Holly, I love your work. You are so incredibly talented. It's so tough with a new one in your home. I was so sleep deprived when we got our kitten. Best of luck to you!

Unknown said...

I think I'm in love with your feathers. How do you hug a feather? You're in my bloglist now :)

holly aka golly said...

sheila, I've been a bit of a zombie this week for sure!

ersi, you are so kind. thanks for including me on your list!

belinda marshall said...

your feathers are beautiful!
how sweet to have a puppy~ when my dog was a pup i carried her everywhere, even into the bank!! they are hard to resist :)

holly aka golly said...

Belinda, they are hard to resist and as you can see, we clearly melted!

annamaria potamiti said...

Lovely! What a fun time with a new puppy!
The feathers are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comment, I'm using your feathers to tickle my cats!

holly aka golly said...

thank you annamaria, always so nice of you to stop by.

ersi, it's always exciting to start something new.