Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Seems like autumn days are quickly fading into winter.
There's a distinct chill in the air, the smell of damp decay,
leaves and pine cones are scattered on the ground.
It feels like Thanksgiving.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.


blue china studio happy said...

A beautiful collection of fall. Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

Say hello to Birdie for me. :-)

holly aka golly said...

Thank you Jacilyn! It has been great weekend. Birdie is doing well...more pictures soon!

Laura said...

i hope your thanksgiving was filled with goodness. i love the slow draining of color this time of year brings...the bare bones of the lovely trees-wonderful.

holly aka golly said...

Ours was a lovely weekend, Laura, hope yours was a delight.