Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm working on rose brambles, pink clouds and hummingbirds. I feel a bit split in two, though. 
I love these joyful colors and yet my mind is racing toward new ideas 
that would surely prompt a return to a more subtle and somber palette. 

I can't seem to paint fast enough. 
Do you ever feel like if you don't get to an idea right away it will simply vanish?
That's part of the reason I make lists and lists and lists, lest I forget what I was thinking.


MagaMerlina said...

Beautiful and refreshing Holly! I love your style in any palette!

Carol said...

I love the vibrancy of this work!

Vickie said...

gorgeous colours

Sasha said...

I bet there will be room for both eventually. Maybe in the winter paint with bright colours and in the summer neutral. I, too, feel pressured to learn faster, do faster, make faster...it's a good thing it's so enjoyable and highly addictive!

glòria said...

Lovely. The same colours but vibrant flowers!

artist said...

This is so incredible Holly - I also am always making lists of things that I want to paint and lists of words that inspire me to also paint something.

Anonymous said...

Both palettes have my vote! I am enjoying the vibrancy of these brambles. Are you planning on making this available on spoonflower?

holly aka golly said...

Hi all! thank you and happy friday!

I hope to have two new paintings in my shop today. I'm glad you like both palettes, which are so very different. Yes, my lists keep me inspired and are a great reference point.

Barb: it's a possibility for sure, perhaps not the exact same images, but certainly the palette will translate very well for fabric and wallpaper and the NEW gift wrap too!