Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Humming Along

I'm humming along on my latest painting. Here's a sneak peek.
Hummingbirds are such joyous little creatures. I'll miss them over the winter.
They seemed to love the Rose of Sharon, which grows like a weed around our yard.
I will have an update in my shop in a day or two. Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful week!


Valerie @ LilyEmmeJewelry.com said...

You make such beautiful work! Hummingbirds really are such a treat. We even get them at our downtown condo here in Seattle.

holly aka golly said...

thank you valerie! They move so fast and never cease to amaze me.

Carol said...

Your paintings are joyful!

Unknown said...

You too have a wonderful week! Absolutely love your artwork. I've added your etsy shop to my favorites!

Vickie said...

gorgeous, I love your use of colour

holly aka golly said...

greetings all! hope to finish up today!