Thursday, November 29, 2012

Studio | Redstarts

fledgling redstarts
These are slate-throated redstarts, little fledgling birds, sleeping in their nest.
Sometimes when I look at nests, I wonder how in the world do they all fit?
I had a fleeting thought of tiny birds packed like sardines.

palette for slate throated redstarts
Sometimes it's nice to see the palette beside the painting.
I'm getting back into the grey family. It must be winter.


passifleur said...

i'm sûre when i talk about pink snow, you did an overdose of colours!!

holly aka golly said...

passifleur: you might be onto something there!

Tammie Lee said...

loved seeing your palette with your charming painting. both are your creations, but one was not intended as a painting i suppose.

Art by Katalin said...

beautiful start of a your grey palette! :)

holly aka golly said...

tammie: i always love the temporary abstract images made from palette washes.

katalin: thank you. grey is a color i always return to and never tire of.

Jay Bendt said...

I just stumbled upon your work not that long ago and decided to drop by. Like Tammie, I love seeing your palette! Somehow I see a bird in there, too. Makes me want to pull out my own watercolor set!

This is lovely work, Holly. I am certainly looking forward to more.

Sarah Melling said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous. And I love the name "Redstarts"!

holly aka golly said...

thank you! hope you are having a lovely weekend!