Monday, April 8, 2013


Birds are the greatest architects!
The one on the left is a hummingbird nest.
I'm not sure about the one on the right. Perhaps goldfinches.
Any ideas? 


Brittan said...

They sure are! I am always excited to find an abandoned nest... I am sad I had to leave my collection when I moved though... I guess this just means I have space now for new nature gifts!

Valerie @ said...

They are both beautiful! I love the soft down feathers that they leave behind - must keep them warm and toasty!

Unknown said...

such pretty nests! i agree about the bird architects thing. :)

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

They're beautiful! Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

Abandoned nests are treasuries. I cannot say what is the second one. In the region of Paris where I live, there are no goldfinches.
The second one is a wonder.

Red Tail said...

Oh! To be so lucky! I have so many Anna's hummingbirds here & I've never found a nest! I think you are right on the 2nd one!

holly aka golly said...

Thanks all! I love the details in the one on the right. Whatever kind of bird it was, it was very selective in choosing the types of grasses used in its nest!

Jone Hallmark said...

...spectacular nests...really!
I collect them and these two are treasures..
Thanks for sharing them....xo