Thursday, April 25, 2013


Euphorbia growing outside the design studio. I might need to paint it. 
I jut love the shape of the leaf, the stem and the clusters of flowers.


Doda Smith said...

some kind of euphorbia I think :-)

holly aka golly said...

Doda: Thank you and everyone on Flickr and facebook who helped my addled brain with the name of this plant! I just updated my post :)

Brittan said...

I love Euphorbia, such a cool looking plant!
Good luck to everyone in the giveaway :)

passifleur said...

Waouh!!i love this plant, i use in my draw, paint,'s my favorite and fetish leaf.i dream to see your work about it!

Unknown said...

I think it would be a fantastic plant to paint.

Anonymous said...

I like also "euphorbe". I love their greens and yellow greens with a black spot in the center of their flower.
I transplanted some coming from the woods in my garden. They are small but I like them associeted with the wisteria.
I painted them every year.
I wish you a nice weekend