Thursday, April 18, 2013

Studio | Marshland

studio | wip marshland
It's been a while since I painted black swans. I've been imagining the place where they live.
A marshland or swampland, the ferns and fiddleheads, the water lilies. 
I've been down this road before. Remember this one?
It's not entirely unexpected, however I think it might be time to start dealing 
with the unquestionable lack of space and environment in my paintings.
Introduce a narrative? Maybe. 
For now I think I'll stop thinking and just do.


Brittan said...

I love this scene!
living on the coast there is a lot of marshy land also. and ducks and waterlilies are some of my favorite :)
hope you enjoy your day!


holly aka golly said...

Brittan: Ducks! I long to paint them! Love waterfowl.

donna baker said...

Love that painting Holly. Course I love them all. Just a heads up; I bought to ruby red grapefruit trees this week and I do believe they smell the best of all the citrus I collect.

Jess said...

Too much thinking is a bad thing with painting ;) This is lovely just as it is!xx

passifleur said...

this paint is very light and transparent, not like your thinking!!

holly aka golly said...

Donna: thank you! I am so jealous. i haven't had luck with citrus trees in Virginia.

Jess: So true. I'm better off not thinking too deeply.

Passifleur: I'm back to watercolors for the moment - but this is a work in progress, so you never know how it might change when finished! :)

Anonymous said...

that first black swan remains my most favorite of all your work. i'm soglad you are returning to swans as subject matter. i eagerly await the new paintings.

Paula Amaral said...

I live by the Swan river in Western Australia, named after the black swans that live there. Before colonization the rest of the world had never seen a black swan, as they are native australian birds.
It's neither ferns nor water lillies I'm afraid. It's paper barks and reeds.

holly aka golly said...

Yellows: I live in a bit of a fantasy world. :) How lucky that you live by swan river!

Olivia said...

I think your paintings are perfect the way they are. The lack of space and environment allows for more feeling and intensity. However, I'm positive that your work will never lose that even as you evolve as an artist.