Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ice and Snow

Snow days.
I love snow!
Starting to snow. #winterwonderland
I hope our dainty dogwood tree survives the ice!
It almost looks like a painting!
A wintry mix blew through town earlier this week. 
Snow, sleet, ice and more snow!
The sun finally peeked through yesterday afternoon and
I'm back at my studio working on my barn owl!
More news soon!


SwissMaedel said...

Beautiful photos. I LOVE the look of ice on branches. Of course, sometimes it wrecks the trees!

Reifyn said...

These pictures are fabulous. I love to see things in a coating of ice—and that tree looks amazing; hopefull the ice doesn't bother it too much. That was quite nice of that cardinal to just hover over the seed-bowl like that so you could take its picture ;)

holly aka golly said...

Elisa: I know, I was worried about it too. It's still a fairly young tree and the ice really weighed it down. I'm happy to report that it made it!

Reifyn: Thank you so much! Yes, I though it was rather nice of the cardinal too!