Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry! Warmest wishes to you all this holiday season!
Our crazy twee,
Just a few hours until our guests arrive! Merry Christmas!
and festive table,
Tasty treats!
and tasty treats.
Bee Good!
Warmest wishes to you all this holiday season!
Merry Christmas!
Bee good!


Unknown said...

Everything is glorious! You did an amazing job on those cookies.

Vickie said...

Merry Christmas :)

holly aka golly said...

Alexandra & Vickie: Thank you, Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

Everything looks beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
PS where did you get the lovely round placemats?

holly aka golly said...

Laura: the placemats are from Schweitzer Linen.

dolores said...

So gorgeous! My friend and sis in law loved their prints!
Thanks for making it so easy!!

holly aka golly said...

Dolores: So nice to hear! Thank you!

Carol said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!