Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Baking springerle cookies today.
Cookie dough
more #springerle cookies
If you've been following along the last few years then you know 
I love to bake at this time of year! Today I'm making springerle cookies.
The recipe dates back to the 1600's if not earlier and the reproduction molds 
can be purchased from House on the Hill.


dolores said...

Whoa! Those are gorgeous...almost too pretty to eat...almost!;)

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Too good to be eaten :) Love!

Unknown said...

Beautiful. I love the bees!

holly aka golly said...

Thanks all! The honeybees and bee skep are new and I love how they printed!

Reifyn said...

I never heard of Springerle cookies before—I love hearing about something I never knew exisited before. I looked them up and they use anise to flavour them. That's unusual; I love that flavour. The recipes I saw are all pretty modern. What recipe do you use?

Jayne said...

I have never head of Springerie cookies before but they are beautiful, I love the imagery and how well they have turned out, these would make a wonderful gift.

holly aka golly said...

Reifyn: I use the springerle, speculaas and gingerbread recipe from www.houseonthehill.net website.

Jayne: they are great gifts!

Olivia said...

They are so lovely! I'm not sure if I would eat them or frame them! My favorite is the bee.